Wednesday, February 11, 2009

hannaH Who???

The only computer I've really sat in front of for the last SEVERAL months is my work laptop. This world-wide-web thing is crazy! I had a bazillion Facebook requests... so sorry if you sent me something and I never responded. Except for the announcements that I was "bought". Jerks! Who do you think you are.

Anyway, back to me. :)

I've been wondering what I should write about. Should I catch people up on the Boring Life of Hannah Ingram, or should I simply write as if this were an electronic diary... that tons of strangers and other nice people can read?

I've decided to try and explain why I've fallen of the radar and I think deep down this blog is my way of hoping I am up on that radar again and ready to...

Around June of 2007 (maybe before) I started feeling incredibly fatigued. I thought I was simply not getting enough sleep (and anyone who knows me KNOWS I love my sleep.) Long story short (that's for you Dimples ;)) I have EBV (Epstein Barr Virus). From what I've learned, EBV is an escalated mono. My body seems to believe I've had mono before and can't fight off the "virus" quickly, a second time. The "virus" has grown fangs and horns and is firey hot with... ANGER. :) More simply put, EBV is a nasty case of fatigue that has been kicking my can for too long.

So, how does one get rid of EBV? I'm so glad you asked. In my case I'm to get 8-10 hours of sleep a day. (10 when my "numbers" were off the charts and rising.) And, that's about it. Super easy, right? Well, I never do anything the easy way. Along with my EBV came a case of insomnia. Surprisingly the one thing my body needs I have a hard time getting. BUT, I have a great Dr., Sam (Wilson), who is taking good care of me. I take my pills and vitamins to wake up and be alert at work and then I take my sleep aids to get to sleep. It's not all that bad.

Surprisingly I have learned to live with my friend EBV. I have missed out on a lot of parties and movie nights and parties and stuff. But, Dimples, Sam, and I are pretty positive I can put EBV in remission and I can get back to "normal". I also bought some HappyLites (brand name, can't make that up), basically sun lamps to help my body build all the good hormones and stuff I need. I've only had them for a week but I LOVE them! I feel more awake during the day and can concentrate so much better. I'm really hoping this is not beginners luck!!!

My bedtime approaches 8:30... 9:30 if I'm brave. Any later and Dimples scolds me ;), that's why I love you babe!!! So nightie-night!!!


  1. The idea of being 'scolded' by 'dimples' seems akin to being beaten within an inch of your life by a goose down pillow. I'd say it was more like astoinished wonder that you're not asleep followed by mild annoyance, followed by great aggrivation. I'll stop there for now ;-)

  2. You were purchased on Facebook? How come I wasn't part of that action?
    And I can't wait for you to get back to "normal" either.